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Information about the Type 986 Porsche Boxster...
Here's the information I wanted when I first started looking at the Boxster... and lots more information now that I own a '97 Boxster.

Last updated: Friday, December 09, 2005 12:04 PM -0800

2002 Options and Pricing (USA):

The above 2002 options have been transcribed from the official U.S. dealer options lists. If you have access to newer, official information, write me at berkeley(at) so that I can update this information. Thanks to "rons" for sending the 2002 Boxster Options information.

Get more option and pricing information from the Kelly Blue Book or Edmund's web page.

Accessories and Modifications:

The Boxsters Have Landed III

Magazine and News Paper Articles:


The Porsche Club of America:

Images & Information:

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