Meals & Wheels - Robert Wood visits San Luis Obispo

On August 1st, PCA's California Central Coast Region hosted "Meals & Wheels," a dinner and discussion with guest speaker Robert Wood. Wood, co-owner of Wheel Enhancement and founder of Robert W. Wood, Inc., is among the most knowledgeable Porsche wheel experts in the world. He gave us, with the help of sample wheels, an informative discussion about the history of the Porsche wheel and the role of aftermarket wheels today. We were both fortunate and proud that the Los Angeles-based long-time PCA member made the trip to San Luis Obispo to share his unique knowledge and perspective on this important topic.

Upper Crust Restaurant served an outstanding meal which included salads, traditional and gourmet pizzas, lasagna, and dessert.

A lengthy discussion followed dinner, extending well after the event was formally closed. Among the highlights:

Robert Wood enjoys dinner with Mark Dodson and Bob Mayberry Three of the many Porsches in attendance. Robert Wood explains something about Porsche wheels. One of the Porsches in attendance included Robert Wood's Carrera 4S with 18" Kinesis K28 wheels. My new Canon 28-105 Ultrasonic lens captured the whole crowd, including Bob.

For questions about the club or this event, contact Berkeley Johnston. For more information about Porsche wheels, call Robert Wood at (310) 836-8908 or visit the Wheel Enhancement web site.

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