Valentine One Radar Locator - Programmable Features

Introduction and Instructions

Certain operational features of the Valentine One are programmable and may be modified by the user under special field conditions.

CAUTION! Modification of these operational features should be done with care since doing so will alter the full protection that the factory programming provides.

To enter the programming mode turn on the Valentine One wile pressing the Control Knob until all lights on the front panel are illuminated.  (The Control Knob must be pressed for about 5 seconds at power up to enter the programming mode.)

To display your software version number, release and quickly press the Control Knob again momentarily.  The 4 digit software version number will be shown one digit at a time on the Bogey Counter.

NOTE! User programmability is available only on units with software version of 2.680 or greater.

To gain access to the first user programmable feature, quickly press the Control Knob once again. (The Bogey Counter displays which programmable feature is being accessed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, A, b, C, d, E, F, G, or H.)

The Ahead Arrow and Behind Arrow indicate the current setting of the programmable feature as described on the next page.

To change the current setting of the programmable feature, press and hold the Control Knob for about 3 seconds or until you see the direction arrow change from its current setting.

To step to the next programmable feature press the Control Knob quickly and you will see the next feature number appear on the Bogey Counter.

To exit the programming mode the Valentine One must be turned off.

The user programmable features are described below.

Table of Features

Item Feature Arrow Options (* indicates factory setting)
1 X Band Ahead
* Normal X Band detection Enabled
X Band detection Disabled
2 K Band Ahead
* Normal K Band detection Enabled
K Band detection Disabled
3 Ka Band  Ahead
* Normal Ka Band detection Enabled
Ka band detection Disabled
4 Laser Ahead
* Normal Laser detection Enabled
Laser detection Disabled
5 Ka bargraph Ahead
* Normal Ka bargraph emphasis
Weak Ka signals seem stronger
6 Ka falsing Ahead
* Normal Ka false alarm suppression
Reduced Ka false alarm suppression
7 unused    
8 Muting Ahead
* Normal reduced volume muting
Complete silence when muted
A Bogey Lock Tone Ahead
* Normal loud Bogey Lock Tone when muted
Soft Bogey Lock Tone when muted
b unused    
C unused    
d unused    
E unused    
F unused    
G unused    
H unused    

Valid for Valentine One software versions: 2.680 or greater [Berkeley's late '97 V1 has software version 2.690]

[Note: This [information is from a FAX] received about the User Programming Mode by calling Valentine Research. The FAX indicates the document title is 'v1usrbit.doc', dated 8/22/97.] (source)

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