2002 Boxster 'S' Options - General Options

Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
U.S. Order Guide
August 10, 2001

2001 Boxster 'S'
MSRP: $51,600

Option Descriptions Required
030 Sport Chassis with more rigidly tuned springs & shocks     $690
413 Pressure-cast Light Alloy Wheel 18" 'Turbo Look' Wheels
7.5 J x 18 with 225/40 ZR 18 Front (Boxster/Boxster S)
8 J x 18 with 225/40 ZR 18 Front (Carrera)
9 J x 18 with 265/35 ZR 18 Rear (Boxster/Boxster S)
10 J x 18 with 285/30 ZR 18 Rear (Carrera)
including anti-theft device.
  XRA XRB XRL 414 $1,200
414 "High Gloss" Turbo Look 18" Wheels (Same dimensions/tires as Option 413)   XRA XRB XRL 413 446 $2,180
421 Cassette Shelf Center Console   424 P63 662 $45
424 CD Shelf Center Console   662 421 $45
446 Wheel caps with colored Porsche crest (4)   XD9 414 $175
476 Porsche Stability Management     $1,230
498 Delete Model Designation     N/C
549 Roof Transport System     $465
550 Hard Top in color of car body, including heatable rear Window   XAB $2,295
635 Park Assist System     $490
662 PCM (Information/Navigation System) Cassette Radio, GPS Navigation System, On-Board Computer, and Climate Control Indicator. (Not available in Canada.)
Order disk(s) from Navigation Technologies (NavTech) at 1.888.628.6277
  C36 424 P63 696 $3,540
692 Remote CD Changer (6 Disc)   P64 $715
696 AM/FM Radio with CD Player   P63 662 $350
982 Soft look leather seats in interior color (requires Full Leather Interior/Seats)   P70 P77 P78 $360
999 Special Instructions (Internal Use Only)      
E51 Full Leather Interior Package
Covered in leather in interior color: lower part of instrument panel trim moulding groove, side air vents including directional slats, defrost trim, central air vents frame, heat/air conditioning unit frame, left and right switch trim, ignition lock rosette, door handle cover, storage lid, door tube and cover for mirror attachment.
Painted in interior color: front loudspeaker cover and central air vent outlet.
Painted in silver: door tube adapter.
(Requires Full Leather Interior)
  E53 E55 E60 E61 P70 $2,950
M6A Black Floor Mat with Porsche lettering   M6F M6H M6J M6M M6P M6S XX1 $95
M6F Metropol Blue Floor Mat with Porsche lettering   M6A M6H M6J M6M M6P M6S XX1 $95
M6H Natural Brown Floor Mat with Porsche lettering   M6A M6F M6J M6M M6P M6S XX1 $95
M6J Nephrite Green Floor Mat with Porsche lettering   M6A M6F M6H M6M M6P M6S XX1 $95
M6M Boxster Red Floor Mat with Porsche lettering   M6A M6F M6H M6J M6P M6S XX1 $95
M6P Graphite Grey Floor Mat with Porsche lettering   M6A M6F M6H M6J M6M M6S XX1 $95
M6S Savanna Beige Floor Mat with Porsche lettering   M6A M6F M6H M6J M6M M6P XX1 $95
P01 Comfort Package -- Seats with electrical height, length, backrest and lumbar adjustment, left and right; driver's side memory function. Includes mirror memory and passenger side view mirror tilt-down when reverse is engaged.   P15 P70 P78 P77 $2,100
P11 Self-Dimming Inner and Driver's Side Rear View Mirrors and Rain Sensor     $695
P14 Heated Front Seats Package     $415
P15 Seats with electrical height, length and backrest adjustment, left and right; driver's side memory function. Includes mirror memory and passenger side view mirror tilt-down when reverse is engaged.   P01 P70 P77 P78 $1,535
P63 Sport Package: Wind stop, Hi-Fi Sound System, Cruise control, and AM/FM-CD player in dash   662 P64 696 $1,580
P64 Sport Touring Package: Wind stop, Bose sound system, Cruise control, 6 Disc CD changer and On Board Computer   P63 692 $3,135
P70 Sport Design Package
Black leather: Sport Seats, Hand Brake Grip, Door Handles, Shift Lever Knob, Airbag Cover, Roll Bar Trim, Cover of Center Console, and Upper Part of Instrument Cover.
Textured Black Leatherette: Side Pads of Center Console Front, Dashboard, Door Panels, Side Panels of Center Console.
Painted "Metal Grey": Bottom of Instrument Bridge, Switch Plates, Seat Buckets, Switch Plates on Seats, Outer Seat Fittings, Center Console, Hand Brake Cover, Hand Brake Lever, Ash Tray Cover Plate and Lid, Door Handle Tube Left and Right, Panel in Front of Door Lever, Storage Compartment Lid, Roll Bar, Gear Shift Knob Insert (in case of Tiptronic: Release Knob)
3-spoke Leather Steering Wheel, Black, with Airbag (Std) Requires Interior 'AL'
AL P15 982 XMK Y05 Y08 E51 E53 E55 P40 XMY Y06 P77 P78 E60 E61 $1,380
P74 Xenon Headlamp Package
Xenon headlamps and headlight washers
P77 Leather Sport Seats-manual length adjustment and electrical backrest adjustment (requires Sport Seat Interior which is Partial Leather)   P01 P15 P70 982 P78 $755
P78 Leather Sport Seats-Manual Length adjustment and Electrical Backrest adjustment (Requires Full Leather Interior)   P15 P01 982 P70 P77 $275
X45 Instrument Dials Painted Interior Color   P70 AH AA AL P40 $670
X69 Door sills in Carbon embossed with model insignia.   P40 $775
X76 Flared Rocker Panels   53 56 58 59 62 $1,590
X99 Natural Leather Option - Code required for transmittal to PAG. (Internal Use Only)   982  
XAB Speedster Rear in Exterior Color   53 56 58 59 62 550 $1,480
XD9 Rims and Caps Painted in Exterior Color (Only available with 413, 414, XRL, and XRB wheels)   446 $1,535
XJB Rear Center Console Painted in Arctic Silver   P70 XME XMJ XMZ $725
XLF Sport Exhaust System     $1,695
XME Rear Center Console Painted in Exterior Color   P70 XJB X1 XMJ XMZ $725
XMF Front Center Console in Interior Leather (Requires Full Leather)   421 424 662 P70 $490
XMJ Rear Center Console in Carbon Fiber. (Requires Full Leather Interior)   P70 XME XMZ XJB $1,595
XMK Roll Bar Painted Exterior Color   P70 P40 XMY X1 $530
XMY Roll Bar Painted Silver   XMK P70 P40 $530
XMZ Rear Center Console covered with Leather. (Requires Full Leather Interior)   P70 XME XMJ XJB $1,245
XNS Steering column casing in interior leather. (Requires Full Leather Interior)   P70 $315
XPA 3-Spoke Steering Wheel in Leather (includes airbag cover)   P70 XPC XPD $1,270
XPC 3-Spoke Steering Wheel in Dark Wood and Leather   P70 XPA XPD $1,520
XPD 3-Spoke Steering Wheel in Carbon and Leather   P70 XPA XPC $1,520
XRA 17" Sport Classic Wheels/Tires   413 XRB XRL 414 $1,290
XRB 18" Sport Classic Wheels/Tires   413 XRA XRL 414 $2,690
XRL 18" Sport Design Wheel   413 XRA XRB 414 $2,690
XSC Porsche Crest in Headrest     $215
XTC Cover of the door opener, cover of the storage compartment and door mirror adjustment controls (electric/mechanical) covered with leather (color of interior), inner door handle in black leather and armrest clip painted in Alu-Look. (Requires Full Leather Interior)   P70 AA CW ET JM SA E53 E55 E60  
XX1 Front floor mats embroidered "Porsche"   M6F M6H M6J M6M M6P M6S M6A $295
Y05 Carbon/Aluminum shift knob and brakehandle   P40 P70 Y06 Y08 $875
Y06 Gear Shift knob and brakehandle in Combination of Leather (interior color) and Aluminum   P40 P70 Y05 Y08 $875
Y08 Dark Maple Burr Wood/Aluminum shifter knob and brake handle.   P40 P70 Y05 Y06 $875
Z100 Deviating Carpeting Color - from standard colors     $295
Z103 Deviating Seat Stitching Color     $225

2002 Boxster 'S'
MSRP: $51,600 (does not include tiptronic option price)
Additional Options Available for Tiptronic Only

Option Descriptions Required
249 Tiptronic S     $3,210
XY5 Tiptronic Shift Gate in Leather. (Requires Full Leather Interior) 249   $420
Y23 Tiptronic Shifter and Handbrake grip in Interior color leather and Aluminum inserts (Actuating knob in Aluminum-color) 249 P70 Y61 Y63 P41 $730
Y61 Carbon/Aluminum Tiptronic shift selector & brakehandle (Actuating knob in Aluminum-color) 249 P70 Y23 Y63 P41 $730
Y63 Dark Maple Burr Wood/Aluminum Tiptronic shift selector & brake handle (Actuating knob in Aluminum-color) 249 P70 Y23 Y61 P41 $730

* Prices are subject to change without notice.


The European Delivery Options (listed below) are no longer part of the order guide. These options can no longer be added by the dealership. PCNA adds the options once the European Delivery order form is received by PCNA with a $1,000 deposit check, and the order is confirmed by Porsche (AG) in Germany.

Boxster Option TD4 $1,150
Carrera Option TD5 $2,250
European Delivery Preparation Option VA3 no charge

The European Delivery fee includes:

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a deposit required by the German Government to assure exportation of the car into the USA. The VAT deposit is refunded + 4% interest when the car enters the US and clears customs.

Pickup at PDI

If you have any additional questions, or if you need assistance, please review the European Delivery section in PCNAsource (www.pcnasource.com) under Vehicle Sales. You may also contact the European Delivery Department at PCNA at (800) 446-7978, ext. 5.

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