Photos: Scenes From a Wedding
June 17th, 1982




Bill Imler
Sylvia's brother, Industry Figure Bill Imler, who took these photographs.


The Wedding Party
From left to right: Phil and Virginia, Cherry, Sylvia and Tom, Curt, Marilyn and Harold. I think Mom's laughing about having flowed down the steps, there.


Harold and Marilyn with Minister
My Mom and Dad chatting with the minister. In the background, if you read the text, you'll see that Sylvia and I got married at Forest Lawn. It was beautiful, though.


Tom and Curt - Take #2
The groom (on the left), and Best Man (Industry Figure Curt Welch). This was "Take 2." You will never learn what the problem was with "Take 1"... unless you scroll down to it, below.


Tom and Curt - Take #1
"Take 1" of the above photo. I still laugh at this.


Marty and Steve
Industry Figures Marty Ring and Steve Ring.
This is how they normally dress.


Steve Ring
Industry Figure Steve Ring, colluding with the photographer to produce an excellent shot.


Uncle E. (Marilyn and George in Background)
Phil's Uncle Ernest ("Uncle E"). Tom's mother and Industry Figure George Whittlesey III are in the background.


Tom and Sylvia at Altar (Curt and Steve in Background)
Tom Chappell and Sylvia Imler prepare to become
Tom and Sylvia Chappell.




Tom and Sylvia Cutting Cake
I'm not looking at the camera and smiling because I'm thinking, "Must concentrate and cut cake correctly for camera!"


Tom and Sylvia Eating Cake
And after all that trouble cutting it neatly, too.



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