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The Black Page has now fallen into disfavor among happening movement intellectuals. Reject the false god of the Black Page, since I've got a new permanent address.

This message brought to you by:
Concerned Citizens Against the Excesses of the Black Page.

Be sure to check out the trivia.

No, I'm not the toothpaste guy in Maine, although that is excellent toothpaste.   I'm also not the fellow who has written some computer books; that is another further different Tom Chappell.

Instead, I'm the guy who co-wrote the commercial programs MIMIX, PCWorks, and CheckIt, and was the  author of  Fastback for the Macintosh 1.0 and Norton Backup for Macintosh (part of Norton Utilities for Macintosh 2.0).

I originally built this site using NetObjects Fusion, and the great thing was that I was able to get it going amazingly quickly. Soon, however, I started noticing a lot of little oddball problems, and ultimately, I reworked it in Microsoft FrontPage. The result is better, although the FrontPage 97 server extensions have always been a source of grief, causing many odd interactions and failures on my server. It fills me with sorrow to be running on them still ("Death to Microsoft!"), and I'll replace them with something better "someday."

If you had Java, you'd be looking at a clock showing how many days behind I am. The mysterious, yet unexplained count-up timer!
What is it for? Why was it counting down?
Why is it now counting up?
"Mr. Fader, you ask a lotta questions."


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