Photos: Tom's Side of the Family

The Brackmanns

Here are some pictures of the Brackmann (my mother's) side of the family, taken at a mini-reunion in December 1987. Pictures of Chappell (my father's) side of the family are forthcoming.

Brackmann Siblings
The Brackmann children (left to right):
Marcella, Milt, Marilyn (my Mom), Ron, and Ed.


Brackmann Cousins
The Brackmann cousins (back to front, left to right):
Sue, Tom, Rick, Mark
Jean, Linda, Julie, and Jan.
Not Shown: Ruth and David, Sandy, Jim, and Doug, Matt


Marilyn and Harold's Family
Marilyn's family (back-to-front, left-to-right):
Marilyn (my mom), Steve, Tom, Harold (my dad),
Jan, Sylvia,
Chris, Craig, and Sean.


Marce and Art's Family
Marcella's family (left-to-right, back-to-front):
Marce, Sue, Sue's husband Jon, their daughters Jennifer and Emily, Linda, Linda's daughter Laura, and Marce's husband Art.


Milt and Carolyn
Milt's Family:
Carolyn and Milt. Not shown: all of their kids (names?), and their kids (names?).


Ron and Doris's Family
Ron's family (back-to-front, left-to-right):
Jean, Doris, Ron
Lexi, Logan


Ed and Pete's Family
Ed's family:
Ed and Pete, Julie (in Red), Sam (next to Julie), Mary Lou and Rick, Mark on the right, with his ex, Grandkids: (J and S's) Mark (tallest), Erin and Daniel (in solid shirts), (ML & R)'s Kids: Jessica (glasses), Katie (pink suspenders), and their son.



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