Tom, Sylvia, and Sean

Chappell Family Drawing

We had dozens of recent photos before we moved back to Sunland, but so far, they're still lost.
I'm still looking, but in the meantime...


Sylvia, Sean, and Tom at Sean's First Birthday Party
Here's a picture from Sean's first birthday party. I'm not sure what he's looking at - he may just be darned sleepy.


Sylvia and Sean with Her Folks
Sylvia and Sean probably around 1987 or 1988, with Sylvia's mom Virginia, and her stepfather Phil.


"You Cannot Believe the Power of the Dark Side"
A somewhat more recent shot, 1994 or 1995. Note the Intel chip - the boy was already marching toward the dark side.


Sean at 7th Grade Dance
Crystal Wynecoop, Sean Chappell, and Julie Alberti - Homecoming Dance, 1996.



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