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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. "Aren't the graphics a little large?"

A. Yes, they are! Remember, these pages are by and for Industry Figures, all of whom have excellently large monitors and wonderful speedy connections to the Internet.

Q. "But wait! I'm an Industry Figure myself, and even though I have a 1 GHz Athlon with a dual T1 feed in the sewing room, I also own a WebTV for armchair surfing to the Internet Movie Database. What about me?"

A. D'Oh!! Just when we were getting complacent in our superior attitudes, something like this comes along. Yes, it would be good if your needs were taken into account, mostly because the WebTV's of this world (including its direct descendant, UltimateTV) are going to outnumber computers, and a lot sooner than many supposed Industry Figures imagine.

(Remember, you heard it here first, always assuming that you heard it here first).

If you'd like to become an Industry Figure, send mail to Industry Figure Tom Chappell.