These are photos of the house we bought.

Click here for some interior shots

1 This is the view of the house from across the Laurell Lane/Johnson Ave intersection.  The entrance is just out of the picture to the left.

2 This is a view of the house from across Johnson Ave.

3 This is from a little farther up Johnson Ave.  The balcony is from one of the second floor bedrooms.  The Master bedroom is underneath.

4 You are looking at the entry gate. Most of the building you see is the garage.  The archway leading to the front door can be seen in the shadows to the left.

5 This is standing on the driveway in front of the garage, looking at the front entryway. The same archway is seen here.

6 The front door is just to the right of this picture. The deck continues around the house to the French doors in the Master bedroom. The windows are in the Master bathroom.

7 The front door is just to the left of this picture.  The windows are the kitchen.  You can see into the darkness of the two car garage on the right.

8 These are looking across the two vacant lots at the front of the house the gate and driveway can be seen on the right.

9 This is the view looking along the right side of the house between the house/garage and the fence/vines. The umbrella is on the patio which is out the French doors from the den connected to the kitchen.

10 The master bedroom porch is shown here.  Above is the balcony in one of the other bed rooms. The deck connects to the deck show in picture 5.

11 These doors go into the livingroom. The window is the master bedroom. The photo is taken from the same location as 10, just turned 90 degrees to the left.

12 This photo is from the deck looking back past the fountain and archway. Reverse angle from 5 and 6.

13 This photo is from across Laurell Lane at the Johnson Ave intersection. very similar to 1.

14 This is our next door neighbor. This photo was taken from a location near where the pictures in 8 were taken. This home was part of the original estate.  Our home is on a lot taken from the front of the estate.

Interior shots

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