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1988 FSJ SJ, a Full-Size Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Here's some information.

I bought my parent's 1988 Grand Wagoneer in August 2003.


TFI Ignition Upgrade (this is the work I've done on my Wagoneer)

TFI Upgrade Information (this is information I used to do the TFI upgrade)

Additional TFI Information:
Juicebox Installation
Keith's TFI Upgrade Upgrade (Jeeps Only how-to directory)
Bob Marr Upgrade (Bronco)
MSD 6A Wiring
TFI Ignition Upgrade (Brougham)

Tailgate Window Lifter Channel replacement
New Cheapo Shocks
Radiator possibility: GO/DAN 433581
From 2150 rebuild
Conversion to Razor grill
Various interior stuff
Various exterior stuff

Distributor Info:

Factory spark plug gap: 0.035"

Firing order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Rotation: Clockwise

Pass Driver
8 7
6 5
4 3
2 1
Front of Vehicle

3.31 gears
VIN Info

International Full Size Jeep Association
Full Size Jeep World
Wagoneer World

BJ's Off-Road
Team Grand Wagoneer
Tom 'Oljeep' Collins - (old site)
Howell EFI
Z&M Full Size Jeeps - Zack Heisey
Riverbeast TT's Fabworks

Grandwagoneers - Wagoneers and Wagoneer parts for sale
Wagonmaster - Expensive "showroom condition" Wagoneers for sale

My first vehicle was an orange '71 Wagoneer like this one. (source)

Image manipulation of a stock 90 with a Gladiator grill.

Leaking fuel image:
Door Wiring Chase:
Vacuum Hose Routing

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