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Johnson Valley, California

From Mike, K6SNE

Freq Area Call Notes
145.220- No. of Victorville   neg, PL=188

My repeater group has a box on Flash 1, That's just north of Victorville, This is the CLARA desert machine. If it's up you can get into it on 145.220 -shift, 118PL. You may hear some of the distant chatter from the our Santiago Box on the same freq, but with the local PL you won't be interfering with anyone. It's usually a very under utilized machine, so if you can get into from the Jambo you'll have it to yourselves. And if you do get grief from any rabid users that might try and get territorial just tell them that 1st VP K6SNE says they can ST[H]U.

And if you can't hit the 522 Victorville box anything up on Onyx should work pretty good.

Mike O.

From Ron, K0IOA

JV is a tough one. Itís certainly one of those areas that proves the point that you canít always rely on a repeater to extend your coverage in an emergency.

Freq Area Call Notes
146.985- Keller Peak   neg, PL=146.2

Keller Peak is generally a very good wide coverage repeater, especially on the approaches to JV. Unfortunately, it has about 88% visual shadow on the lake bed area, I can barely trigger it with the 5.7db gain ERP monster I have. That changes up on the Hartwell Hills (the Hammers) depending on location.

Freq Area Call Notes
146.940- Victorville   neg, PL=91.5

Victorville can be hit in most areas of the lake bed, maybe not over by Backdoor, but most other areas. I donít know why either... it is 100% shadowed in the JV area. I talked to Mitch with the Victorville ARC sometime last year and he said they were completely reworking the 38 plus! element vertical Yagis and relocating for optimum ground condx, so it might be a winner.

Freq Area Call Notes
147.060+ 29 Palms   pos, PL=136.5

29 Palms is a crappy repeater, but it can be hit on the backside of the Hartwell hills, such as the Aftershock area and the last part of Sludge.

Freq Area Call Notes
146.760- Mazourka Peak   neg, PL=100.0

Mazourka Peak is along ways away, and part of the CA linked system, but Iíve been able to consistently hit it. It may not be the best choice for conversational comms thoughÖ it is a linked system and some folks will get a little bent.

Simplex 146.500

Local comms as always.

Iíll check everything out again on Sunday and suggest primary, secondary, and local.


Borrego Springs, California

Freq Area Call Notes
146.700- Borrego Springs WA6MDD no tone

Moab, Utah

Freq Area Call Notes
146.760- Bald Mesa (E of Moab) K7QEQ o(ca)tlwv(rb), PL=88.5
146.900- Moab (Downtown) K7QEQ o(ca)tl(rb), PL=88.5
447.500- NV0X pt, neg offset, PL=107.2
449.100- NV0X otlw, neg offset, PL=107.2

o = Open Repeater
(ca) = Closed Auto Patch
t = PL Tone Access
l = Linked
w = Wide Area Coverage
v = VHF Society Sponsored
(rb) = Remote Base
p = Proposed

Other Moab freqs here.